Jamie PK

Jamie Panizza-Kimball (“PK”) derives from her Italian birth name, Panizza (pan pizza without the second P), and Kimball, the surname from her stepfather and mentor. Proud of her Italian heritage, Jamie has been guided by values and spirituality instilled from those beginnings. With a desire to help others, her life has been a journey of discovery who she is and what she aspires to be.

Her family of origin includes three brothers and divorced parents with extended families. The experiences of being the oldest child meant she was given the responsibility for her brothers, the expectation of being self-sufficient, and a strong drive to be successful. Jamie comments on her youth, “I didn’t have a chance to be a child. I was expected to be the best at whatever I did.” Others see her tenacity, strength, empathy, compassion, and outgoing personality as forces that empower others.

Jamie was the first of her large, extended family to attend college. Her bachelor’s degree in education and mathematics lead to a career as a teacher and coach, and earning Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Educational Mid-Management. Jamie’s career included roles as a teacher and coach, school counselor, school administrator; eventually an associate superintendent. She also completed the requirements for Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and has continued her work to advocate and support others in need. Jamie has conducted training and presented to various groups, including schools, corporations, veterans, health professionals, and community organizations. Her zest for learning and focus on connecting with others are qualities that have led to her success as a manager and entrepreneur.

Her life journey has evolved from the roles of compassionate, outgoing teacher and school counselor, loving mother of two adopted siblings, and caregiver for her sweetheart, Shilo Harris, a decorated, wounded veteran. Jamie and Shilo travel and speak nationally and internationally about their life experiences, overcoming hardships and heartbreak, and finding success and love.
Jamie’s expertise in mental health has helped her develop enlightening presentations on goal-setting, resiliency, relationships, and leadership as she shares her own experiences through humor and wisdom to hopefully inspire others.