We encourage all who will listen to embrace every challenge and overcome it.

Our Speakers

Shilo Harris


Shilo Harris came from a family with deep roots in military service. As a son of a Vietnam veteran, Shilo always knew he wanted to be a soldier. On September 11th, 2001, his life changed forever. Shortly afterward he enlisted as a Cavalry Scout in the US Army. His first...

Jamie PK


Jamie Panizza-Kimball (“PK”) derives from her Italian birth name, Panizza, and Kimball, the surname from her stepfather and mentor. Proud of her Italian heritage, Jamie has been guided by values and spirituality instilled from those beginnings. With a desire to help...

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With their new book about to release, the dynamic duo have quite an adventure to share and motivate their audiences to find passion in life by living a life full of freedom, joy and adventure.